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                    Dach Haus German Shepherds

Show & Working



 Ghost vom Waldestraum
 Our dogs are all German work/show lines, very intelligent and easy to train.  They have alot of food, toy and prey drive and will excel at Schutzhund, SAR, Agility, Obedience and of course as a Family member.. We only have a few litters a year.  We are located in Missouri on five beautiful acres, in the country.  We give a guarantee on all our puppies for good health.  Also for good h/e when full price is paid.  Their background is AWESOME.  They come from proven dogs that have passed down the genetics to excel in any venue you choose to train or title them in !  Our pups are sometimes very drivey and need to be worked, so a lower drive puppy will be good for pet homes.